December 7: BIG update BANG!

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Maplestory
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Okay, so basically two of the games I play are getting new content (aka get ready for a crapload of stuff your updater will download after maintenance!)…

First, Maplestory is getting the anticipated Big Bang patch, which was announced on the latest Tespia update . Everything will change, from formulas to even monster stats (heck, I wa shocked when I saw that Sand Rat were that powerful!). In fact, I like the new design on the website. Sadly, Resistance won’t make it with the 1st patch, so my guess would be either A.) We’ll get the same patch order than KMS (Big Bang, Counter-Movement (aka Battle class) and the Reinforcements (Mechanic)), or B.) We’ll get both Counter-Movement and Reinforcement patches in a single one.

It’s funny to watch the new stuff that comes with Big Bang. The new experience curve is one of them. Since my internet search skills are way too basic, I managed to print the chart posted on GMS and with the help of a 30cm ruler, I “calculated” the required EXP to clear a lv (tried with lv 66). The numbers weren’t that wrong, and it is amazing, since now you don’t need to GRIND till you drop, but you’ll be getting faster to lv 120+ content (Zakum, Horntail, CWK and any other random boss out there).

Since you’ll need less EXP to level up, some monsters stats were changed (look at the example above), from level, HP, experience and drops.

Apart from that, damage, HP/MP, avoid and accuracy formulas were changed and now your accuracy is based on your level rather than DEX. As an example: A lv 60 regular DEX Dual Blade could train at Windraiders, at a slower pace than a lv 70+, but he would be doing just fine. Now, the lower your level is next to the monster you’re attacking, the lower the chances that your hit will land. That is half good, half bad in my opinion. Why good? Low level players will be “safe” while trying to attack high lv monsters without getting aggro from them (and getting killed). … . Why bad? Most of players will have to change their training spots. Me, for example, I’m moving from Crimsonwoodkeep Forests (New Leaf City) to Omega Sector, and kill some Mateon. What does that mean:

  • I need to grab a train from NLC to Kerning City
  • I need to get the cab from Kerning City to the “Six Path Crossway” (aka the new “Sleepywood”. Sleeypywood still exists, but now your main transportation system either continental (Orbis/Ereve) or regional (Regular taxi cab) will be located here).
  • I need to grab a ship from Victoria Island to Orbis station.
  • I need to grab a train from Orbis station to Ludibrium.
  • I need to move to Helios tower
  • Thank God I have scrolls. I need to use at least 4 scrolls to reach the bottom of the tower.
  • 2 screens to the left
  • Voila! Training spot ahead!

Yeah… A lot of stuff… Note that I still need to go to El Nath for my 3rd job advancement when I hit lv 70 (which would be… This wednesday, I think?), which means:

  • Use Eos scrolls until I reach ~70th floor
  • Use a Scroll to Nearby Town
  • Catch the train back to Orbis
  • Go down all 20 floors of Orbis Tower
  • Get to El Nath (2 screens)
  • Take my 3rd job quests
  • Congrats to myself

After that, time to change my training spot… AGAIN!. Right now I have focused on Ariant, though I could try on Aqua Road, since enemies are lv 70-75 and it’s closer than Ariant. What would I need to do in order to reach Ariant?

  • Climb the tower all the way back to Orbis
  • Catch a Djinn transport to Ariant
  • Find my training spot

Other than that, we’ll be getting an SP reset scroll so we can make up for our mistakes on our skill builds (including me!).

Nexon has announced 6 events to celebrate Big Bang. One of them will be the SP reset scroll, one event for returning players, one event for new players, one for the new servers (the patch notes lists “servers”) and the last 2 will be for everyone.

Okay. I think that’s enough explanation for what’s coming to Maplestory. Do note that game servers will be down at 12am PST (3am EST) on Tuesday and they’ll be back up (probably) at 11am PST (2pm EST). That means, no update for me tomorrow since I’ll be at college during that time (sad).


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