Maplestory: Big Bang event details

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Maplestory
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Now while we wait for the Big Bang patch maintenance, Nexon has offered the details about the new Big Bang events.


Bang! Ring evolution.

DAY ONE (aka today):

Basically, when you log in, you’ll need to speak with Gaga and you will receive a basic ring with no stats at all. The ring will auto-upgrade if you stay online for one hour, if you log out before the hour, the ring will dissapear and you’ll need to start all over.


Go and tell Gaga that you want to upgrade your ring. He will give you a box that you’ll have to keep on your inventory for one hour (same as the ring), and the box will be replaced by a potion. Give that potion to Gaga and your ring will be upgraded by one level. You can repeat this until December 23 for a maximum of 17 upgrades. It should look like this.

From lv 1 to lv 16, the ring won’t be tradeable, but once it reaches lv 17, it’ll change to “One of a kind” AND TRADEABLE!!. I’m really hoping that ring could be transfered to another character in your account using the storage (+28 to all stats, +20 W./M. ATT and +400 W./M. DEF total on 4 lv 0 rings? Add me up!). You can check the ring upgrade details (level by level) here.


Bang! The Resistance is coming.

Starting at lv 20, you’ll receive quests from Cassandra. Do what she orders to you and you’ll be rewarded with Resistance Energy Capsules and Resistance Weapon Box. Note that the Energy Capsule gives XP, but it’s only for Resistance class and you’ll only get one Weapon Box during the whole event, and capsules from the rest of the quests. You’ll receive a new quest every 20 levels up to lv 160. You have a lv 160+ character, but you wanna do all the quests? Sure you can.

I still haven’t checked other sites to see the XP you can get from the capsules and the weapons inside the box, so it fits perfectly for a total mystery.


Bang! New World.

GMS will have two new servers (don’t we have enough empty servers?): El Nido (in KMS, the second server that managed to kill Pink Bean), and Zenith.

When you get your first job advancement, talk to Teo and he’ll reward you with 100k mesos. Get to 2nd job advancement and you’ll obtain 200k mesos. Perfect to start on a new server.

But, it doesn’t end here… Since there’ll be a lack of high level players to supply enough Zakum Helmets, when you reach lv 70, talk to Cassandra and she’ll give you a small gift… A unique bandana! Why unique? Because it IS Epic (not in potential terms, but it has red background. Similar to Ravana)! Check the stats here.


Bang! Welcome back!

If you played GMS and went on hiatus before November 7, it’s time to give Maplestory another chance with Big Bang. In fact, GMS will give you a Ring coupon (which works similar to the Big Bang ring, but it has only one upgrade after 3 hours), a Henesys VIP Hair Shop AND Face Coupon (that means you can choose which hairstyle and face you want!) and a 1.5x EXP Coupon (1 hour). Perfect to rush those levels!


Bang! Welcome, new Maplers!

Welcome to Maplestory if this is your case. When you clear a job advancement, you’ll be rewarded with nice items (at least some)!

When you clear your first job advancement, you’ll obtain a Basic Magnifying Glass (You can buy them at any potion shop… I don’t see the point on giving this as a “welcome gift”), and depending on your class, a Dark Scroll for One-Handed weapon for ATT (if you’re a Warrior, Thief, Bowman, Pirate, Dual Blade, Wind Archer, Night Walker, Dawn Warrior or Thunder Breaker… Long story short: Any non-mage class ) or M.ATT (if you’re a Mage, Blaze Wizard or Evan). Note that Wild Hunter and Battle Mage aren’t included here, since they won’t be included on the first patch.

When you clear the 2nd job advancement, you’ll be awarded with a 10-day mount ticket. You can receive either Pink Balloon, Yeti and Nightmare.

Also, when your buddy list has 10 friends, the moment you add the 10th one, you’ll obtain a VIP teleport rock.


So there you have, the list of events that will start today when the maintenance is over… I was hoping I could play Big Bang (or at least update) before I went to class today, but seems like that won’t happen.


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