Level 70!

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Maplestory
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I didn’t forgot to add a new post on the blog, no. I was veeery busy with some stuff, one of them, a migraine attack (still present as I write this, but it’s almost over). But I managed to pull out something amazing (at least for me) during one of those “no headache” moments…

Finally… During my whole maple experience (as I said… Even before 3rd job was released), I’ve finally reached a 3rd job advancement (yeah… Sad)! And I’m happy that finally, my Blade Specialist is now a Blade Lord!

Since my skill build was modified during Big Bang (because they removed Endure, added Shadow Resistance and increased the s.lv cap of Fatal Blow), and I forgot which skills were lacking points, I’ve messed up my 3rd+ skills (I should have at least lv 9-11 Upper Stab).

But then… My hopes were back again… Nexon is giving free SP reset scrolls starting today until December 15!

As another note, I finally understand the “Resistance is coming”. You get a call from Cassandra once a day (if you meet the level required for the quest), where you get either the experience capsule or the weapon box. If it’s your first day on Big Bang, the first quest that you’ll get is the lv 20 one. Then, the quest you’ll get tomorrow will be the lv 40 one and so on. I still need 10 more levels for the lv 80 one.

Also, I managed to create a new character on El Nido server (since I want the <server_name_here> Bandana). So far, it’s a lv 10 thief and soon-to-be a Dual Blade. Stay tuned for more stuff about El Nido server!


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