PC upgrading. First piece has arrived!

Posted: December 10, 2010 in PC

I’ve been waiting for today since… Yesterday. Because I’ve received my new chassis (aka PC case) for my upcoming PC! It’s a Cooler Master Centurion 590. It’s probably an old case, and not as “functional” as many other chassis out there, but since I’m only building a mid-to-high tier system, a normal ATX block is enough.

Basically, it has room for 8 120mm fans: 3 on the front (still trying to figure out if you can use an optical unit with the whole front fan unit), 2 on the left side (instead of the classical CPU exaust): one for the CPU and one for the GPU(s), one on the rear (the normal one) and 2 on the top. Note that the box comes with 2: one frontal and rear 120mm fans, and the front comes with blue LEDs. Still thinking if I should change that one for a green LED fan (since I’m trying to build an “NVIDIA themed” PC).

Before checking the front, let’s check out the back first. PSU goes to the bottom for better cable management and cooling, the 120mm fan, up to 7 expansion cards (and as we know, 3 are enough for a normal ATX mobo), water cooling holes (for the GPU) and the motherboard backplate hole.

On the front, we have a black mesh and a dust filter, so thin, it won’t block the lightshow you’ll get when you connect your LED fans.

On the front-bottom, you can see the Centurion logo, where the “C” is using a… Yeah, a centurion helm. As you can see, the dust filter allows me to see the other side of the chassis.

On the front-top, we have 2 USB 2.0 slots, one firewire port, mic and headphone jacks and the power button. Right on top of that you can see the brand name. At the back, you can see the top fan slots.

Now, let’s move to the guts of the case (forgot to take pictures on the left and right side of the case… I’ll add them later).

On the inside, we can notice the space in it. I was worried about the size, but it seems like a GTX 580 would fit in perfectly. The tool-free system was easy to use and you can be sure that your HDD or your GPU won’t fall down.

The chassis also offers a “cage” system for your HDDs, and it can be removed if you need to change something.

Of course, the case comes with an instruction guide and some bonus, quite normal these days when it’s related to chassis: 12 zip ties for cable management and a bunch of screws.

I’ll be taking more pictures when I change my current system to this thing! Stay tuned!


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