Maplestory: A week after Big Bang

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Maplestory
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It can only be described with 3 words: I LOVE IT.

I had the crazy idea that reaching lv 70 before Big Bang was good. Why that? Because I though that the Necklace of Wisdom test would reflect the new Big Bang stuff (for example: locations and experience questions). I was wrong.

Though I’m still thinking that my questions were the “lucky” ones. Taking that aside and back to the subject, the new EXP curve is amazing.

I never though that getting more than 4 levels after lv 60+ in less than 24 hours was possible without having to use 2x cards and Holy Symbol buff. Yes, it was “easy” to train on the old maple, but for someone that doesn’t like “grinding” (even though I managed to get to lv 100 on the ooooooold MU online. Before the buff NPC was included into the game), it feels horrible.

I stopped grinding on the old maple at lv 66. Now I’m lv 78. Twelve levels in a week (and 30% away from lv 79). This is just wonderful.








From the looks of it, I think I’ll be able to get 4th job advancement around late January, since I’ll be training on my El Nido char as well. I need that bandana!


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