“Rise of the Resistance” going live this Monday

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Maplestory
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2 Big Bang updates before the end of the year. Nice!

This update will open the mine town Edelstein and the Victoria-Edelstein port, unlock the Battle Mage and Wild Hunter classes (both Citizens), add a new server called “Arcania”, and the usual cash shop updates.

Same as Alcadno and El Nido, Arcania will have the same events: reach 1st/2nd job advancement and get money from Teo, and the server bandana.

Nexon added the patch notes for the upcoming content. Resistance characters will get a ring when they reach lv 70 during the event period. From the looks of it, the Big Bang ring is still the best one out there, and probably the most expensive one if you can upgrade it to lv 17. Just 5 more days!

As most of people expected, Christmas content will be added as well. It has been like… 3 years ago since I joined the seasonal content on maple (heck, Rooney was sitting all year long on Ellinia near the taxi cab), so it’ll be a good time to check what has changed since then. There’s something that catched my attention on the seasonal events section on the patch notes: White Scroll and Chaos Scroll are part of the rewards if you can get enough golden snow crystals to exchange (30 and 24 respectively).

Another thing that catched my attention on the patch notes were the “wrong EXP numbers” from certain monsters. The patch list names “Truckers, Galloperas and numerous monsters”. Does that includes the Twisted Jesters? If not, I can keep my training spot until lv 120 (lol).

Probably a bad new for some players. Duey made it to the retirement time. So basically no more packages. I only used him like… 2 times since he was implemented? Nothing to be sorry on my side, but actually, Duey was a simple way to move items for a cheap price.

GMS servers will be down from Dec.19 at 10:00 PM PST (Dec. 20 at 1:00 AM EST) and will PROBABLY (which means always add 2 more hours to the deadline) be back up at Dec. 20, 5:00 AM PST (8:00 AM EST)

Oh, and it’s quasi-confirmed that Nexon will add the “Counterattack” update (aka MECHANIC!) on January. “Receive a special mystery weapon box when you reach level 40. This box can be used by a special certain someone that is arriving in January (wink wink).”


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