Maplestory: Mechanic date announced

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Maplestory
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Finally, the update that most of us were expecting to arrive: The third BIG BANG update, Mechanic will be arriving to GMS on January 19, 201 1. Rats, Nexon fixed their typo on the teaser website where you could read January 19, 2010.


Mechanic, the class (in my honest opinion) with the highest DPS/DPI rate on the game, taking the throne that Archers had since day one. The final class to be added to the Resistance. Theonly class that can manage a 3’45” on Zakum or the amazing time of 10 SECONDS on Papulatus (credit to spadow for the YouTube videos). Yeah, I’ll be looking forward to use an Armored Core and kill before getting touched.


So far, my El Nido hopes went to the floor since I went inactive on that server (bye bye bandana). Still gotta train my DB and BM (with a Zhelm yay!) and try to reach 70 on the mage before Mechanic arrives






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