Maplestory: Mechanics aren’t alone

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Maplestory
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Well, when everyone though that Mechanic would be a regular update, I have to say… Nope.

Mechanics will be available tomorrow, since the patch will start today at 10pm PST (tomorrow at 1am EST) and will last (yeah, we know it’ll last more than) 9,5 hours.

Apart from the old Resistance events (Resistance event from Cassandra, Resistance rings, Resistance stuff on the new server, etc), Nexon is preparing one of my favorites (though my luck isn’t that awesome): Hot Time 3

Same as the previous Hot Time events, you just need to stay logged during the one-minute period after the event is activated to receive a box that contains random items.

The last one had a free SP reset and an Unknown Love Letter, which increases your fame randomly (haven’t heard of negative fame from the letter, but hey! there’s always a first time). You could also get Timeless weapons (Spend NX on a Wheel to kill PB and watch my stone being looted by another player? nah) with a low, low, very low rate. Probably we’ll have the same boxes.

Apart from the Hot Time event, we’ll be having 2x EXP/Drop (dates yet to be posted) and a “Gachapon Corsage” event… No idea about this one. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow or maybe tonight to check the event details.




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