“Birth of the Mechanic” patch notes

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Maplestory
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Finally, what I’ve been waiting for since Mechanic was announced. Let’s skip the fixed bugs section and focus on the important stuff.


-Mechanic class will be added to the game. NOTE that any Resistance class character created before the update will be able to advance as Mechanic after completing the tutorial and reaching lv 10.


-Gachapon Corsage (JAN-FEB): Obtain three corsage medals from Gachapon, then turn them to Gaga to receive a special (and tradeable) medal and chair.

-Chinese New Year (JAN-FEB): Similar to previous years, monsters will drop Red Envelopes. Take them to Mr. Moneybags to receive Mesos. When you turn in 5 Red Envelopes, you’ll receive a 30-day version of a Hanbok item (costume).

-Valentine’s Day (FEB): Same as always, monsters will drop white and dark chocolates (ETC) that you need to hand over to Ace of Spades to get a reward. Also, monsters will drop Cupid’s Lost Arrows that you’ll need to hand to Cassandra to receive your reward. No info about the rewards for this event.

-Mardi Gras (MAR): Monsters will drop Bead Necklaces. Turn them to Gaga to receive feathers. Collect enough Feathers to receive a Mardi Gras Mask. The quest can be repeated once an hour.

The reason to skip fixed bugs? Not so many “important” bugs, except for the fact that now Resistance characters CAN do the Episode I quests (Abraxas, Valefor, Crocelle, etc), AND receive scrolls from the “King Pepe Scroll” quest.


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