Case modding ideas?

Posted: February 2, 2011 in PC
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Okay. After reading that most of the Sandy Bridge motherboards out there are having issues with the SATA2 3gb/s ports (they tend to decrease in performance, data corruption during file transfers and finally die), I’ll have to put my shopping cart on hold until this problem is fixed. Maybe I’ll take that time to double-check my part list and do a few changes (who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind and get the 2600k and change the RAM module brand).

Probably you have noticed that the intro for this entry ISN’T RELATED AT ALL with the entry title (funny, isn’t it?). So let’s go back to the topic.

Modular PSU + case with cable management (CM, not to be confused with Cooler Master) holes = Nice looking interior and amazing airflow. Modular PSU? Check, it’s on my list. CM-ready case? Something between ready and not. Reset button? Not a need, but who knows? Backplate access door? Thinking on it… I need to sit down at the idea board for a while.

Looking at the interior of the Centurion, it does have 2 lower holes for most of cables (24 pin connector, 6/8 pin PCI-E connector and SATA data + power), a gap for optical/HDD/SSD connectors (including random fans) and a top hole for the 8 pin CPU connector (including both upper fans). Somehow, it can be called “cable management ready”, but I feel it’s not.

I’d have to get the PSU next month probably and start playing with the modu-vents included on the case… One of the reasons I don’t wanna start modding the (inside of the) case yet is the form factor issue. I’m using a mini-ATX, and the new mobo will be a standard ATX. If I cut down the wrong section, I’ll have a nice vent hole for that area on the mobo.

Something that I was thinking about was creating a nice backplate access door if I need to change my CPU cooler (replacing an old H70 unit for a new one or a better item). There’s a nice bonus on that area, because I can add a 60(?) or 80mm fan (must be a slim fan) so it can help reduce temps on the backplate.

I’d need to cut down a portion of the panel, add some sort of “hinge” to the panel and the door and add a lock mechanism for the door. All of this without reducing the distance between the sidepanel and the mobo panel, which means I can still use that slim fan to cool down the backplate.

The reset button… I’ve seen a modded front panel with the reset button included, but I don’t wanna mess up with the exterior, so probably I’ll have to stick with the power switch.

Plexiglass sidepanel. One interesting idea. I mean, I saw a 3ft sleeved LED kit from NZXT on sale, and the main idea I had when I was thinking on the new PC was “NVIDIA themed PC”. When I saw the Centurion case, blue was now the new green. Though modding the side panel would be a pain in the rear… I’ll need to think about this one.

There are more mod ideas I’ll have to check, but I think most of them won’t see the light… Gonna give it some time


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