Blazblue: Hell is easy?

Posted: February 15, 2011 in 2D Fighting
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Thanks to someone on megaten forums, I went back to 2D fighting games. This time, with BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger for PC.

It’s fun to say that, for me, the difficulty level on fighting games changes on the region (NTSC-UC or NTSC-J). I managed to try this crazy theory out with The King of Fighters: The OROCHI Saga, and the result was that if you play on Very Hard on the NTSC-J game, you’ll be playing on normal/hard on the NTSC-UC. Crazy, but I think it works that way.

When I installed BlazBlue, I went and changed the difficulty level from normal to hard, then I just said “Screw it. Let’s go all the way to the max” and ended up choosing Hell as my difficulty.

After that, I went into versus to check how much time would it take the CPU to KO me (since I though it was something as horrible as Soul Calibur 3 on MAX difficulty). I was just amazed that I could beat the CPU at the maximum difficulty level, and most of times with no effort at all (almost scored a perfect match, but forgot to record it).

These are the links for 2 vids of my gameplay against the CPU (sadly, you’ll have to click on them and watch the video on Xfire until I figure a way to post the video):

-Ragna vs Carl:

-Noelle vs Carl:


P.S: I PROMISE I’ll make a video of Bang vs Bang on Hell difficulty… Heck, what’s better than a single Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan? TWO OF EM AT THE SAME TIME!!


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