Nokia + Microsoft = OMG?

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Mobile Phone
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Yeah, yeah, yeah. The notice has been all around the internet for the last week or two, and it really made some impact on the public. Nokia signed a partnership with Microsoft for a future release of phones running Windows Phone 7.

It’s quite of a shock for some of the “nokia fans” out there, since we’re always used to see the Finnish company phones with Symbian and MeeGo as their default OS.

Even during the negotiations between Nokia and Microsoft, RIM (Research In Motion) and Google were part of their possibilites. Heck, I’d understand Nokia + Google, because their devices are more than perfect for Android (at least for mid-range and corporative-oriented devices). Nokia + RIM? Seriously, it’s like saying that Apple will forget about their own OS and go with Windows… In fact, I can’t imagine a Nokia device running Blackberry OS (it took me some time to assimilate the fact you can install Android 2.1 Eclair on any jailbroken iPhone device).

The prototype pics aren’t that bad, because the phone model resembles the N8/E7, but of course, running WP7. Now the big question is, would Microsoft adapt their OS for external QWERTY keyboard, like the E7? Or will they go all-around with the touchscreen? Do note that most of  the current devices from the Finnish house have integrated keyboard (C/E series) or slide-in keyboard (E7).

To be honest, after watching what RIM did with the Blackberry Torch, taking aside the size of that effing thing, it’s totally irrelevant to have BOTH touch keyboard and full QWERTY keyboard on a phone. They just should keep one of them (gotta admit, the Bold 2 keyboard has been so far the best from RIM). So, Nokia should really think about having a single input method, rather than having 2.


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