*DING* LV 100! And good news!

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Maplestory

And finally…

My first lv 100. So proud

My first lv 100 character. I’m so proud *sniff*

Yeah, I know. Big Bang exp curve is like 90% lower than it was before (heck, 2.75mil XP to clear lv 100 right now and can’t recall how much exp I have right now) but hey! That was one of the reasons people didn’t even bothered to keep training after 3rd job.

Now I need to sit down and evaluate my next training spot, either stay on Homunculus or move to Herb Town and go to the Pirate Ship (tried already at lv 97, wasn’t that good because of the accuracy factor).

Or… Wait until tomorrow and “grind all the way” on the Golden Temple!

Yes! It’s back! And I’m ready to take that Ravana Helm! (unless Ravana level increased from lv 80…)

Seems like the event will remain the same: Enter by using a Golden Ticket (one per day, in-game quest) or using Premium Golden Ticket (item mall, no limit per day), go to the temple that suits your level, kill monsters with AMAZING experience rate, grab the rare golden marbles you get from drops, collect 5 of those, go to the giant golden temple entrance, get a partner and smash Ravana until it drops. Basically, you’ll need 10 marbles for 2 helms (in case you’re doing duo run) and yeah, you’ll need 10 unless you’re just helping a guildie/buddy, that case you only need 5.

Then again. I’m 100% sure Nexon changed Ravana stats to reflect the Big Bang update, but I’m positive that a decent lv 100+ duo will be enough to kill it (of course, with a lot of potions. Ravana loves 1/1 skills).


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