Forsaken World: First Impressions – Part 1

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Forsaken World
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So yeah, I’m getting dragged away from Maplestory and now testing Forsaken World’s final CBT, since I finally (and everyone who applied and didn’t apply(?)) got invited.

So far, the game reminds me a LOT of Jade Dynasty (I kinda miss my lv 102 non-ascended Vim) and Battle of the Immortals (yes, all of them are Perfect World Entertainment games) in both quest system and gameplay. True, the game offers auto-route to almost any part of the game, making it easier for botters (there are like 4 lv 60 already, and of them are botters. Highest lv so far is 37), but it’s a questfest thing, so it’ll take a LOT of time to get some levels while grinding. Here are my first impressions, though I will write more than one entry to explain the game itself.U

I’m not good at following a game background story (at least for MMOs, and there are some exceptions, to name a few, Runes of Magic and SMT: IMAGINE), so let’s skip that part.

The UI is quite similar to JD and BoI: Your avatar pic on a bubble at the top left, and next to it from top to bottom: HP bar, MP, bar and Soulforce bar (aka XP bar on BoI). The Soulforce bar is filled as you play, kill monsters and level up (level up = auto fill). Which skills use Soulforce as MP-like spells? If you played BoI, you already know the answer. It’s not a skill you learn, in fact, it’s a skill you gain from equipping a trinket, which means you can have more than one skill (you get 2 trinkets from your level up boxes). Depending on your race, you’ll get new trinkets when your faction reputation is at a certain level. Note that you can equip one trinket at the time. Unlike BoI, SF skills can’t be used freely anywhere, certain instances will forbid you from using them.

You can have up to 3 horizontal quickbars and one additional vertical quickbar on the right side of the screen. So far, it’s more than enough for spells, potions and food. On the top left, you can find the server announcements, you can click on the small arrow to expand it and read old announcements (working, but not as expected).

Similar to Jade Dynasty, your status bar will be on flames when you engage on battle, and it will turn off when you’re out of battle.

Bag/Bank system reminds me a lot of JD as well. You can buy bag/bank extensions from the item mall or you get them as you progress trough the game and use the level up box. You can also buy bank extensions using gold.

If we count leaves (ZEN) as currency, we can say there are three different currencies: Soul coins, which are bound to you and can’t be traded, regular coins and leaves (100 ZEN = 40 leaves). You can use regular coins on shops if you ran out of Soul Coins, but certain shops won’t accept Soul Coins (for example, gem embed will cost regular coins).

Gear upgrading is quite similar to BoI. You can use up to 8 stones in the process to increase the success rate. Depending of the gear level, you can use 2 different stones in the process: regular stones (1-39 / 1-60) plus item mall stones, which will further increase the success rate.

When it comes to gear modding (adding gems), it’s quite unique. You’ll need to open the gem slots while you upgrade your equipment. A gem slot will be added to the gear for every 3 refine levels. Max refine level is 12 on certain gear which means you can only get up to 4 gem slots (No idea if there are plans to increase the refine level for a fifth gem slot).

Now, you upgraded an epic lv 60 weapon all the way to +12, congrats! Now you have 4 empty slots on it. Yay! It’s time to insert gems on those slots! Sadly, you can’t stack same gems on a single piece of gear (that means you can’t use 4 lv5 P.ATK gems on your weapon), though I haven’t found enough gems to try if you can use different level gems with the same bonus (i.e.: Lv2+Lv3+Lv4+Lv5 P.ATK gems), because loot system is, most of times, based on dice mode, and my luck with them is horrible if we look at my D&D warlock.

Anyways, when you add gems to your gear, they will add something called “Color Value”. What does this do? Simple: WINGS! Your character will display a set of wings when the total Color Value of all socketed gems reaches a value of 100. Maximum color value is 300, so you have three wing levels (being lv 3, on some cases, epic looking wings). You can read and see some wings at the FW news website. Since you can equip 7 armor pieces plus your weapon (making it 8), you can fill those 300 points easily with the right stones. Heck, if you get lv 5 gems, you could get your lv 3 wings using 5 +12 equips!

I think this is more than enough for a first part. On part two, I’ll write about the Prayer system, pets, EXP aid, quests, instances, events and reputation.


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