Maplestory: Aftershock patch notes

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Maplestory
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For those that though Big Bang was the biggest update out there, yeah. You’re right.

Aftershock was added today to the game servers, adding and removing some stuff.

I won’t be writing the WHOLE thing posted on nexon’s website, so I’ll just resume the patch notes.

  • BLOND HAIR, TANNED SKIN CASSANDRA!!! (a.k.a. the korean one)
  • Lion King Castle. Lv 120+ area. Your party will receive bonus EXP for each party member you have while you hunt on the castle.
  • King Von Leon Expedition. Lv 120+ expedition to kill one of the Dark Mage’s loyal minions, King Von Leon, the Lion King. During this expedition, you can obtain Von Leon set pieces.
  • Ani raid. Lv 70+ quest. Can be completed once a day, starting at 10am PST and every hour until 11pm PST. There’s a maximum of 150 players per world every day for this raid. Raid time: 20 minutes.
  • New field bosses added, with their respective quest.
  • More channels to fight Zakum (4, 5, 6, 7), Horntail (8, 9), Targa and Scarlion (10, 12, 13, 14). Chaos Zakum/Horntail will remain the same.
  • Changed time limit for Zakum (50 minutes) and Horntail (1 hour, 15 minutes). Chaos versions will remain the same.
  • Chryse town.
  • 130% and 150% EXP tickets on the item mall.
  • Revamped guild system.
  • New search and monster location function on world map.
  • Added Ultimate Adventurers, Cygnus Knights and Adventurer updates.

There are other updates regarding Crack of Dimension PQ, certain skill fixes and Windows 7 + Dual Core issues fixed.

Adventurers will be able to obtain their corresponding Cygnus class. A lightbulb will appear on your character head and will inform you about the quest.

I won’t write about the Ultimate Adventurer content, because I want to add a full entry about it. My Night Walker is lv 40 and probably lv 100 by the end of April.

Maple 7th day market was removed. Though it’s weird, the weekday merchant is still there… Probably they just removed the quest.

No changes to current events (Golden Temple and Mardi Gras).

Okay. Ultimate Adventurer, Von Leon, Map update. Cool stuff. But, what about… New evolving ring quest! With this, I’ll have a 3rd ring available for my Mechanic. The ring is just another Evolving Ring, but named “Evolving Ring II Lv. XX” Same thing than past event:

On day 1, talk to Gaga to receive your ring, and stay online for 1 hour to level up from 0 to 1.

The next day until the end of the event, talk to Gaga and receive the mysterious box, play for 1 hour and the box will turn into a potion, bring the potion to Gaga and he’ll upgrade your ring.

I wanna take a look inside Von Leon’s castle, but I can’t find any information about the monster lv (hidden street database has the map detail, but no monsters on them yet), so I think it’s time to risk some EXP and take a look!


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