Maplestory: Chaos update now live

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Maplestory
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Wow. Barely 6 months since Big Bang was released on GMS, now we have Chaos (at least the Age of Heroes)! With this, we’re just one season away from KMS (Maplestory Jump!).

Chaos was another expected Maplestory update since Big Bang, because it includes new features like PvP (when I saw this I was like “Oh no… Not again…”. Let’s hope it won’t be like PvP on Megaten…), a whole new crafting system, personality traits, new maps, class balancing, …)

The whole update is splitted in 5 different updates: Age of Heroes, Age of Artisans, Age of Battle, Ice Knight and ?????????. The mystery one is supposed to be a GMS exclusive update, so we’ll have to wait to know what would that update be.

Few weeks ago, Dual Blade and Hero classes were removed from the character creation screen (grayed out), saying they would be available soon. Well, today is soon and all 3 classes have received some skill adjustments. The reason this update was called Age of Heroes.

Apart from the skill reorganization on those 3 classes, there are new systems that were pre-added, like the personality traits. This system will be super important when Age of Artisans arrive with the new crafting system (I can smell those rings and shoulderpieces I need…). Some of the new traits are available right now, like Charm (gained with fame or equipping cash shop items), Ambition (upgraded by killing bosses) and Willpower (participate in party quests), the rest of them, Empathy, Insight and Diligence will be available with the 2nd Chaos update.

There’s also a new map for high lv players, The Gate to the Future, located at the Temple of Time. This area is suited for lv 160+ players. Inside, you’ll be a witness of the Black Mage’s power. Henesys will be in ruins, with some few survivors that you may know in the present. Remember those Red Snails or Slimes? Well, they don’t look that cute anymore…

A new expedition was added to this new map, and even coming from GMS, THE hardest expedition available: Cygnus expedition.

Empress Cygnus and her group of knights were looking for the World Tree, when they were ambushed by the Black Mage, who trapped them and made them his slaves by taking away their souls. The expedition takes place on a destroyed Ereve laying down at the floor, where Empress Cygnus, her knights and Shinsoo awaits you. If you have played the King Von Leon expedition (or even the Prison Guard Ani raid), you probably hate the consumable cooldown on the map. Yeah, this expedition has it as well. If you die during the battle, you’ll have 2 choices:

  • Wait for a Bishop to cast Revive on you
  • Spam Wheel of Life

Speaking of those 2 areas, both expeditions will have voiceovers.

Secret Mastery Books were added as well. These are unknown books that will reveal a random Mastery Book when used. Who knows? Maple Warrior 30 if you’re that lucky?

There are also some cool events running.

Jumpstart!, similar to the Dual Blade launch event, but easier. If you reach lv 70 during the event time, or already have a lv 70+ char, you can create a lv 50 Dual Blade, Aran or Evan, with their corresponding (lv 40-50) gear, a chair, healing items and 500k mesos. Jumpstart characters won’t be able to participate on Chaos Warrior Challenge or Boom Up events.

New (and possibly existing) Dual Blades can get mastery books for their 2+ to 3+ job skills from Lady Syl after completing a quest.

The Chaos Warrior is an interesting event. Any lv 40- char must talk to Gaga and reach lv 80 to obtain a special accesory: Cruelty/Critical/Magical for Adventurer, Resistance Lux for Resistance (CAN’T BE STACKED WITH THE RESISTANCE RING), Lilin’s Aura Ring for Aran (CAN’T BE STACKED WITH LILIN’S RING), Holy Wing Earrings for Cygnus, Onyx Dragon Glasses for Evan and Red Blood Mask for Dual Blade. All of those items can be moved ONE TIME inside the account, then they become non-tradeable.

Boom Up is the special newbie event that most of people wanted. When you create a new char, you get a newbie gift set (cash shop clothes), a special medal, a defense charm and a set of Miu Miu traveling merchant summons.
When you reach lv 30, you get another gift box with a new medal, a special chair, a hairstyle coupon, a face coupon and some weather effects.
When you reach lv 50, you get the elite gift box, with another medal, special cash shop equipment, a teleport rock and a set of Minerva Owls.

All players will receive on their item mall inventory, a special 7-day Hyper Teleport Rock as a preview.

From 12pm to 5pm PST, you can get bonus EXP while hunting. Bonus % depends on your level.

With a new update, comes a new server, named Chaos (wow…), and another one called Nova is coming soon. Same events as always: Teo’s mesos quests and the lv 70 bandana.

There are also some minor bugfixes, some adjustments and some issues with the game (lack of FangBlade means Evans will be stuck on their story quest until it’s fixed).

Servers are supposed to open at 11am PST (2pm EST) if there are no more delays.


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