Google+: A possible new best hit?

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Internet
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Google has bad luck when it’s about social networks (remember Buzz and Wave? Probably no). This time, Google decided to test if the “third time is the charm”.

Previous Google attempts on SN were horrible, since they were just made on the rush to get into the market.

Google+ gives the user a more “clean” experience compared to other SN websites out there, like Facebook, Hi5 or MySpace (… Anyone still uses those last two?). This time, I think they nailed it.

Facebook doesn’t let you organize your friends on groups, though it does let you identify relatives, family and school/college/work friends. With Google+ you can group your friends into “Circles”, where you can filter your friend search. For example, on your vacations, you met 5 surfers while you were on the beach, 3 more tourists and your international relatives, and they gave you their google emails.

“Circles” let you create categories for your friends, making it easier when you want to share something specific (like some new PC gadgets that your grandparents won’t be interested), or just to organize. That way, you should be dragging your new surfer friends to a “Surfing pals” circle, those tourists to the “Random friends” circle, and your relatives to the “Family” circle.

“Huddle” is huge chatroom for your circles. Wanna schedule a movie night or a dinner with some friends, just start a huddle room, select the circles you want to involve, wait for them and discuss. Simple as that. Now you don’t need to do 1v1 chats with 6 different people, when you can just open a huge chatroom and done.

Similar to the Huddle, “Hangout” is a similar idea, but including videocall (either if you’re using the Google+ Android app or the website on your PC) to a maximum of 10 participants. A funny idea they included is to make a mosaic view of all participants and a big screen on top. Whoever’s “yelling” will be on the big screen, also called “Main Stage”. Also, you just need to “stream” your hangout on your timeline and if your friends wanna get in, they just need to click the invitation.

Remember Twitter’s “trends”? Something similar is available on Google+, called “Sparks”.

“Sparks” is a way to find trends or topics in the shape of videos or news. Great if you’re looking something to share or just to have fun.

You can also share pictures, videos and such with the stream system (let’s call it timeline).

So far, both the website and the Android app look good. They’re very simple, easy to use and eye friendly, so people who’s new to the SN thing (older people, newcomers) won’t be lost trying to learn the basics. So basic, it should be a “Dummies” book (lol).

It’s been like 3 hours since I started looking at the app, and I like this new SN.

The bad news, right now, it’s in testing period, and you can only access Google+ if you’re invited. I got invited by a forum friend, and tried to invite some relatives. Couldn’t.

One hour ago, most of news websites had listed that Google deactivated the email invitation system, because they didn’t expected so many people for this test period (in fact, it said it was going to be a small group test… Seems like not). FUN FACT: Google+ testing period started 2 days ago!

Now I can’t invite friends to my network and I’ll have to wait till Google reactivates the invitation system.

If you guys wanna know more about Google+, check their website here and take the guided tour.

Oh, and in case you got invited and you use Android, remember that you can search for the Google+ app on the Market (2.1+, international market only), or look on the internet for the .APK

Facebook, be prepared.


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