Chaos: Age of Artisans explained

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Maplestory
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As we know, Chaos was released with the first of five updates: the Age of Heroes.

Yes, there’s a lot of talk about it, most of it is about the bugs that roamed freely when servers went online.

Servers were down almost instantly when Chaos was implemented, because of a LOT of bugs on the game, like being trapped inside the Cake vs Pie arena lobby, having lost items from hired merchants, login server with a horrible feedback on PC-server/server-PC.

I kinda laughed with this. I managed to get my new Aran to lv 12, and all of a sudden, I got disconnected. When I got back on, I was just lv 10! It was like a 5 minute rollback!

Didn’t gave so much importance to it, and I continued playing. I deleted my old lv 43 Evan and used the Jumpstart! option to create a lv 50 one (free levels anyone? xD). Gotta correct my statement when I wrote Age of Heroes patchnotes: Jumpstart! characters CAN participate on Chaos Warrior event.

All my characters received a 7-day teleport stone and a SP reset scroll.

Apart from that, I went into my Dual Blade to check the skill adjustments. Remember that Shadow Partner only hitted less than half of your hit damage? Now it’s fixed. It hits way higher than before.

Still, 2 days full of disconnections, bugs, random server checks, no fun.

Today, I noticed that servers were once more, on emergency maintenance. They fixed (?) all the previous bugs, added 2x EXP on Sunday and Monday (by the way, happy pre-4th of july to all americans who read this blog!). Oh, did I forgot to mention everyone that logged between Wednesday and Thursday, received 5k Maple Points for FREE?

I rushed to check if it was true, and indeed, I got my 5k free Maple Points, awaiting to be exchanged for Gachapon tickets and a store permit. And while I was writing this entry, I got disconnected like 20 times while I was trying to take my gachapon tickets out of the cash shop to my IM inventory…

Anyways. Nexon has published some information about the Age of Artisans. I’ve noticed that a lot of people doesn’t know how to increase some values. So far, I’ve only managed to get points on Diligence (probably since my Mechanic was a crafter during Big Bang?) and Charm, because of my fame.

I’ll try to explain each trait.

  • Ambition is gained when you kill bosses. Haven’t tried if PQ bosses do increase the value, but field bosses, like Mushmom, should do the trick. Bonus stats: Ignore monster defense (no idea if it applies to bosses), increase Battle Mode attack (aka PvP damage), and death EXP loss (higher the trait level, lower the percentage).
  • Empathy is gained when you gather herbs (after you get the herbalism ability on Age of Artisans) on the field. Bonus stats: Max MP and increased quest EXP.
  • Insight is gained when you get minerals while mining. Same as Empathy, it’s an Age of Artisans trait. Bonus stats: Accuracy and Avoidability.
  • Willpower is gained when you participate on Party Quests. Though my current level is 2, I see no increment on my stats. Bonus stats: Max HP, P.DEF, M.DEF and status resistance.
  • Diligence is gained while crafting. Seems like if you were a crafter (Maker skill) during pre-Chaos, you’ll get some EXP on this trait. Bonus stats: Double Mastery Chance (probably double SP while using mastery books?) and increased scroll success rate.
  • Charm is obtained while eqipping Item Mall gear and obtaining fame. If my memory serves me right, you get special “crafting loot” bags with this trait.
  • There’s a maximum of 500 points (5000 on Charm) you can get on a trait per day if my memory serves me right, also there’ll be another cap (think of it as energy) for daily trait training.

    And I think that’s it for now. Now it’s waiting game while we get Age of Artisans… Seriously, I can smell those +ATT rings and shoulderpads getting closer…


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