Maplestory: Chaos, Age of Artisans patch notes

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Maplestory
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And what most of us were waiting for: the real meaning of Chaos update: Crafting and traits! With Age of Heroes, some random items were implemented into the game, like recipes, random plants/mineral rocks on maps and Imps/item pots.

Nexon has posted the patch notes for the Age of Artisans v.99 update:

  • Ardentmill map is now open. You can access this map from every town. Inside, you can talk with the profession masters in order to get your gathering/crafting jobs. You must be lv 30 and have your 2nd job advancement.
  • You can choose ONE crafting job (smithing, accesory crafter and alchemy) and ONE harvesting job (mining and herbalism). If you decide to change professions, you can change to the corresponding job you want to unlearn. All progress will be lost.
  • Fatigue has been implemented. When you use your professions, you’ll get fatigue points. If your fatigue level reaches its max, you won’t be able to gather or craft. Fatigue will reduce automatically 5 points every 5 hours and it will reset at 12:00 m every day. You can also purchase fatigue potions on Ardentmill.
  • Trait system has been fully implemented. Each trait can be upgrade up to level 100. Further information has been added: Insight will allow you to identify items without the use of a magnifying glass, Charm will allow you to get a quest to obtain a Pocket slot, and some cash items. You can obtain Pocket items from Henesys Market.
  • Raising your trait levels will unlock certain quests that will earn you new medals.
  • There are 2 new events going on:

    “Master Professional” will reward you for reaching lv 7 on a harvesting job and/or lv 5 on a crafting job.

  • Master Herbalist will give you a special shovel plus an herb bag to store all your mats (only herbs).
  • Master Miner will give you a special pickaxe and a mineral bag to store all your mats (only minerals)
  • Master Alchemist will give you a fatigue potion (reusable?) and a potion recipe.
  • Master Blacksmith will give you a fatigue potion (reusable?) and a “multiple use” glove recipe.
  • Master Jeweller will give you a fatigue potion (reusable?) and a “multiple use” face accesory recipe.
  • “Profession Boom Up!” event will boost the chance to obtain an item of your harvesting class or higher class by 2x, and the chance of obtaining an item of your crafting class or higher will be increased to 10x

    Servers should be up at 3:00am PST/6:00am EST tomorrow monday (HA!). There’s no early patch, like we had with Age of Heroes, so it’s waiting time.



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