Age of Artisans: Harvesting and Crafting explained

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Maplestory
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Age of Artisans is now up. Ardentmill is filled with new crafters willing to buy or sell items, also smiths putting their extractors out so other players can get item crystals for their recipes.

As soon as I went into Ardentmill, I went to talk with Cole, the mining master, and Intaglio, the jeweller master, to learn both jobs.

For both jobs, you need to pay a fee of 5k to learn it. Also, you need a harvesting job before you can choose a crafting job.

Now, how does it work? Simple.

When you learn your harvesting job, you’ll get a couple of quests to learn how to gather and how to refine those raw items you just obtained, and a collecting tool. Depending on the job you picked (mining or herbalism), your target will be either mineral ores or plants that will appear on field maps.

For mining, you just need to find a mineral ore, and press SPACE near it. Your character will start mining it, and depending if you succeed or fail, you’ll get some ores, an ore fragment (not always), and random chances to get a mineral imp.

After you gather some mats, it’s time to head back to Ardentmill and do some refining.

Depending on your job, you’ll need to be next to the master crafter, which is close to the craft tool you’ll need for crafting.

Just open your Production Skill window (shortcut: B. If you have a skill or another window on that button, you’ll have to config a new key for it), or pressing the craft bench.

In the main screen of the Production Skill window, you’ll see detailed information about your traits, level and current experience, the fatigue level (that red bar on my case), and your current progression on your harvesting and crafting jobs. Harvesting info will also add which tool you currently have equiped.

The second tab will be your harvesting job production screen, where you can refine all those items you’ve been gathering on the fields.

Do note that either refining or crafting requires additional items that can be purchased from Nack, on the top of Ardentmill town. He also sells basic tools, Mine and Herb patch tickets (special gathering areas), imp remedy (in case your imp is sick) and fatigue potions (300k mesos for 3 points and 1mil mesos for 10 points).

There are 4 “levels” of additional items, depending on your crafting job. For example, Mining requires molds (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior) and Jeweller requires abrasive (same four categories). Depending on the item “quality” and level, you’ll require one of those four items.

When you get the additional items, you can start refining your gems or plants for potion.

The third and last tab is your crafting job window. In here, you have all the information about your available recipes.

As you may have noticed, certain mobs drops some recipes. There’s a difference between the old Maker skill and the new crafting system: apart from the ability to craft other jobs items instead of yours, certain items can’t be crafted unless you learn the recipe for them.

Includes a preview of the final product

If you don’t know the recipe for a certain item, it’ll look like this on your craft screen:

As you can see, you won’t know which items you’ll need to craft if you don’t learn the recipe.

Most of the recipes are permanent, and others are “one craft only”. What does that mean? When you craft the item, you’ll forget the recipe, which means you’ll have to farm it again. You can get some “entry level” recipes from Ramsey (smith and jewellery) or Angelica (alchemist).

After you get the mats and the abrasive, it’s time to craft some jewellery!

On jewellery, most of the low level recipes only need basic jewels or plates. As you go deep into the recipe list, new items will be needed for crafting, like Item Crystals (and no. Monster crystals won’t work), which can be created by an alchemist with an Extractor, leather, or Gallant Emblems, which can be obtained from the PvP arena. Age of Battle will be available next week (7/20).

Also, there’s a success ratio on higher level items. Depending on your job level, success rate will increase.

Oh, and about the level up events for the craft jobs, these are the rewards for mining and alchemy:

Well, I think that’s all of Age of Artisans for now. There are unknown recipes laying around maple world, and I really wanna learn those. And while I train my Evan char or my Aran for their accesories, I think I’ll have to train and get the Angellic Blessing ring recipe…


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