Chaos: Age of Battle now live!

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Maplestory
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Random rant before I start writing something: There’s a golden rule with Nexon when it’s about ETAs: NEVER trust them.

And yes. Age of Battle, the third update of Chaos has been activated. What does that mean? Now you craft shoulderpads because Gallant Emblems are available. Oh, and… PvP!

Before you jump right onto the arena, you should have a lightbulb on top of your head with some PvP quests. Accept them before going in.

In order to access the Battle Square, you must be lv 30+, and talk with Maximus (the Roman warrior holding a battle flag on top of a chariot).

Once you get in, welcome to the PvP lobby. Here’, you’ll find 5 NPCs: Maximus, if you want to leave, Crawson, which is the “host” of the PvP battles, Rosette, she will give you the PvP tutorial quests, a BP exchanger machine, where you can trade your Battle Points for Gallant Emblems, and Larson, who will allow you to trade your Gallant Emblems for PvP gear.

What about the PvP tutorial? Simple. Rosette will explain you the basics of PvP and their modes: Team Battle, Free Battle and Ice Knight (Ice Knight will be added on the 4th update, which has the same name).

Of course, this tutorial won’t be complete if you don’t actually go into the arena and get some kills.

There are 5 “Battle tutorial quests” with a single objective: Get 50, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 Battle Score on a single match. Each one will reward you with a free Gallant Emblem, and a 3-day Battle equipment: Ring, Belt, Necklace and Shoulder, for the first 4 quests. Fifth and final quest will give you a permanent (real) version of one of the mentioned above. The real version is part of a set equipment.

Now, off to the action.

When you talk to Crawson, a window will appear, showing your current arena tier and how populated the PvP modes are. There are 4 battle tiers, each one with a different lv cap and certain skill/equipment restrictions:

  • Rookie: For lv 30-69 players, skills are limited to 2nd job for all regular characters, 5th Growth skills for Evan and 3rd Job for Dual Blade. All bonus stats from Rare/Epic/Unique items, will be blocked.
  • Gladiator: For lv 70-119 players, skills are limited to 3rd job for all regular characters, 8th Growth for Evan and 3rd+ Job for Dual Blade. All bonus stats from Rare/Epic/Unique items, will be blocked.
  • Veteran: For lv 120+ players. All skills are available, yet some of them will be adjusted for the battle to be fair. All bonus stats from Rare/Epic/Unique items, will be blocked (I’m kinda sure this tier is level-limited as well, so cap should be 179).
  • Legend: For lv 180+ players. All skills available, Potential bonus won’t be blocked. Potions won’t drop on this tier.
  • On to gameplay modes:

    Free for All, as the name says, it’s a full scale battle between 10 players to see who gets the highest battle score before time runs out. Team Battle, allows 2 teams of 5 (6?) players to get the highest kill score before time runs out. Map selection is random. Also, FFA maps aren’t available on Team Battle.

    When you spawn on a PvP match, your HP and MP values won’t be visible to yourself (you’ll only see the bar, but not the numbers). Also, you can’t use items during the battle (no, don’t even try to waste that Onyx Apple before getting inside a battle. You’ll spawn “clean” of buffs). Depending on your tier, items will spawn all around the battle map, from HP/MP, elixir, attack potions, defense bubbles and mystery boxes. These boxes are totally random. You can get double battle score for a limited time, reduce your battle score by half, free battle score, heal, make you immune to attacks for a few seconds, blind your enemies or even transform you into a small snake!

    When you die, you’ll be able to rejoin the fight after a 3-sec respawn timer. You’ll be immune for 3 seconds after you spawn.

    When a battle is over, you’ll receive exp and Battle Points (BP). BP is calculated as 10%, rounded down, of your battle score, so if you get 1568, a 10th will be 156.8, but you will get 156 BP instead of 157.

    When you gather enough BP, you can talk with the BP exchanger to get more Gallant Emblems and either use them on crafting or buy some PvP gear from Larson.

    Apart from the jewellery set, Larson also sells pocket items, mystery scrolls (gives a random scroll, similar to mystery books), mystery pouch, which gives totally random items, including Chaos version of regular weapons. Most of the Chaos weapons are the lv 30-90 ones, and they all come with hidden potential. I’m not sure if they’re tradeable or not.

    Also, Ice Knight will be available TOMORROW! A frantic 10-player PvP mode where 9 players will spam their skills against the Ice Knight (10th player, randomly chosen). Also, three events will be available for this mode: If you get chosen as the Ice Knight and you get more than 500 battle score during the fight, you’ll get: 2 Gallant Emblems, an Ice Knight transformation potion and the Ice Knight medal!

    Actually, there’s not so much to explain about PvP. It’s just battle, after all.


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