Playstation 3D display: Best bang for the buck?

Posted: September 2, 2011 in PC
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3d is something that was forgotten in the past, but came back to life with the new technologies (bye bye to those, still useful, blue+red/red+green glasses and hello to transparent glass), but, in my honest opinion, is still on diapers.

The stereoscopy is now used from standard TVs, and a more advanced version on mobile devices, like the HTC EVO 3D or the LG Optimus 3D, and even handheld devices, like the Nintendo 3DS.

But, apart from movies, and “transforming” regular 2D images into 3D (depending on the TV or monitor), gaming is a nice target for 3D content, and if you ask me, driving and FPS are like the “flagship” of 3D gaming (OH NOEZ BULLETS COMING TO ME!!).

Sony, or rather I should say Playstation, has released a monitor aimed for PS3/PC gaming, digital TV and 3D: the Playstation 3D Display.

Okay. it’s from Sony, it’s a 24″ 3D monitor, and it has a nice shape (reminds me of the PSP Go screen). What’s the catch? Just one thing.

The Playstation 3D Display comes with a new technology, called SimulView. The main idea of SimulView is to avoid splitted screens when you play a local multiplayer game on your PS3, as example. Both player 1 and player 2 will watch a FULL screen view of their original “split-screen” section. Player 1 won’t be able to see Player 2 screen and vice-versa (I believe this will work pairing your wireless glasses to a “controller”). Basically: “One display, one game, 2 different full screen images”. Note that SimulView won’t work on 3D, only 2D.

As mentioned above, the Playstation 3D display is not just a 3D display, but works with any other device with HD/component output, such as cable TV, a VoD system, a PC, etc.

Sony is selling the Playstation 3D display bundle, with MotorStorm: Apocalypse, the Playstation 3D glasses (wireless glasses, almost compatible with any 3D display on the market) and a 1.4a HDMI cable for $499,99.

Here’s the promo video, featuring the SimulView Technology:

Sadly that it’s a 24″ display. I’d get one in the act if it were at least 32″ as minimum, but since one of the possible uses for it would be as a PC monitor, some people would think that 32″ is “too big”.


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