Falcon Northwest Mach V (2): The half-priced beast, with new technology

Posted: November 14, 2011 in PC
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If you’ve been checking my blog, you probably had a look to the Falcon Northwest Mach V NVIDIA special edition PC, aka the $10k rig, featured in the GeForce LAN Party 6 in San Francisco.

Well, there are more news from Falcon Northwest. With the upcoming release of the new Intel chipset, the X79, and the new socket, LGA2011 (which is, in fact, the succesor of the old X58/LGA1366 platform), they’ll be adding more “mod” options to the Mach V.

I might end up writing another entry about the X79 chipset and the new features, such as PCI-E 3rd gen and quad-channel memory, but let’s go back to topic:

As I mentioned before, the Mach V is like the “top of the line” on the Falcon Northwest lineup, featuring high end parts (on both 1156 and 1366 sockets), bolts and nuts. With the upcoming release of this new chipset, they’ll add as well one of the new 2nd generation processors: The Intel Core i7 3930k. This socket will also feature Extreme CPUs (like the 990x), but don’t think that they’ll cost less than $1k, that’s for sure.

According to CNET, the estimated price for a Mach V, featuring the X79 chipset motherboard, a 3930k, 16gb RAM in quad channel (that’s 4 x 4gb sticks, one stick per channel), an SSD as boot drive, 2TB HDD for storage, 3 (THREE) GeForce GTX 570 in 3-Way SLI, a Blu-Ray drive and Windows 7 Professional (64-bit of course), should be around the $5k mark, not including accesories such as keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor, etc.

This rig is based for the enthusiast, hardcore player, or anyone that works with heavy duty apps (Certain Adobe apps, CAD, 3D edition, to name a few), and the mixed user as well.

Of course, unless you have $5k on your pocket right now, it sounds okay. But if you’re like one of the rest of PC builders, you’d prefer doing it on your own, buying whatever you need one piece at a time.


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