Maplestory updates: What happened with Ascension and Rise of Fellowship posts?

Posted: November 17, 2011 in GMS
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As I noticed, most of the traffic on my blog is somewhat related to MapleStory (in fact, Spadow was the one that “inspired” me to create a blog… Though not just MS but a lot of stuff), especially the patch notes and the detailed mechanics, taking aside “geeky” PC stuff.

Yes, I took a break from Maplestory for a while, but then I got “robbed” and getting my account blocked. Which is why I didn’t posted anything about Jump! (Ascension on GMS) and the following updates.

It’s kinda weird to blame Nexon’s customer support (yes, sometimes their answers are kinda the “… Err… What?” type), but it was nice to know that I got compensated for my stolen stuff and reactivated my account. Plus, it was quick enough to prevent a “Imma quit this ******* thing!” scenario. Kudos to Nexon, keep up with the good work!

And yes. Enough Maplestory break time, and now even more excited with the new Legends update. Heck, the Demon Slayer class got my attention (I’m a natural “mage” player. Plus, AoE attacks? I’m in). Sadly, it’ll be the “last” update on the pack, which means I’ll have to wait even more.

Sure, Cannoneer and Mercedes looks interesting as well, though I’m no fan of “Dual Crossbows”, and the first looks somewhat slow compared to Dual Blades and Mechanics, but time will tell if I’ll create those characters (If Nexon gives out more free character slots, of course).

Believe it or not, I’ll have to get up to date with the Ascension patch, check the events and the pre-Legends events.


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