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Posted: January 25, 2013 in PS3
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Well, while I was playing inFamous last night, I found an interesting “glitch”, if we could call it like that, that makes Cole do the hot coal dance while walking on certain small parts. It was silly and ridiculous, but hilarious. And then I asked myself “wish I could record this and upload it… Oh wait, my phone does record videos in HD!”.

I used the video function for the first time on my Galaxy S Advance, testing how good the 720p quality was, and gotta admit, it’s above the standard. For a sub-$300 phone, the quality is good (I blame upload issues about the artifacts around 0:05 and 0:06).

This gave me an idea: Buy an HD PVR, record gameplay videos from the PS3, and make Let’s Play series on YouTube during my free time. Could be interesting, and something I kind of wanted to do a couple of years ago with Monster Hunter 2. Now the big problem, finding a good functional HD PVR for a reasonable price. Also, using video editing programs for audio sync and the final touches for the standard YouTube layout (intro, video, outro with more features and the use of annotations + hyperlinks), which I’ll have to check later (probably going to end up using Sony Vegas to start with and check what can I do with adobe). To that, I’d have to add a decent microphone for a clear voice (which I think I know which one to use for this).

But yeah. Since I got my PS3 on December, I’ve been kinda focused on what I like to call the “achievement hunt” (not to be confused with the Rooster Teeth section, Achievement Hunter), since for some reason, I like unlocking achievements. Although, in Sony’s side, they’re called trophies. They have no score, but a tier depending on the difficulty: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. As a proof, here’s my PSN ID card:

Get your Portable ID!

(that’s the result of 4 weeks of non-stop gaming. Kind of fast progress)

Bronze trophies are mostly progress and easy to obtain ones (like a milestone for collectibles, or killing X enemies with weapon Y). Silver requires a little bit more of effort (Obtain certain collectibles, certain boss battles, etc). Gold tends to be related to bigger milestones, end game or completion (beat the game in X difficulty, gather all of the collectibles). Platinum trophies are the proof that you managed to obtain every single trophy in the game, you automatically obtain it after you get the last trophy in the list. As soon as the last “You have obtained a trophy” popup dissapears, you’ll get an extra one with the Platinum trophy. Do note, not every game has a platinum trophy (most of times, small, downloadable titles, like inFamous: Festival of Blood).

Also, if the game offers downloadable content, there’s a slight chance it comes with extra achievements and trophies. Those ones do NOT count towards the platinum unlock. Only the core game ones do affect the 100%, even though it marks a lower amount in the list (in my case, Uncharted 2. Since I got the GOTY edition with the console, it came with the Siege expansion and an extra DLC pack, both with additional multiplayer trophies). So if you want a real 100%, you’ll have to get all trophies in the DLC as well.

How hard it is to get a platinum? Depends. Certain games requires online interaction (Uncharted 2, inFamous 2, Call of Duty), giving it more lifetime, others just require normal game progression. For example, my fastest platinum was Sly and the Thievius Raccoonus, which was in fact my first platinum and trophy #100. It took me around 4 days with breaks to get the 100% of trophies (not game content. I’m at 82% if I recall correctly, because I skipped the time trial runs, which do not count towards the platinum or any trophy at all). Second and third platinum, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, #168 and #200, respectively (yeah. I’m trying to get a platinum if possible every x00th trophy. Probably OCD, I don’t know).

Is it worth the while to get all the trophies and the platinums for each game? Then again, depends on the player. Some trophies are just a way of saying “I’ve fulfilled every challenge listed by the game”. On certain cases, you can get special content for your console, like a dynamic/static theme (Final Fantasy XIII has this reward with some of the gold and silver trophies) or PSN avatars (that you can’t obtain from the store). In my case, I like trophies and achievements. Not to say “I am pro because I have this platinum”, but to say “I have beated this game and managed to achieve every single trophy challenge, now I’m the happy owner of a new virtual platinum award”.

But back to the point, yes; there’s a slight chance I’ll start my way into YouTube with Let’s play videos, if I manage to get my hands into a cheap and functional HD PVR and microphone, and the audio/video edit software.


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