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So yeah, I’m getting dragged away from Maplestory and now testing Forsaken World’s final CBT, since I finally (and everyone who applied and didn’t apply(?)) got invited.

So far, the game reminds me a LOT of Jade Dynasty (I kinda miss my lv 102 non-ascended Vim) and Battle of the Immortals (yes, all of them are Perfect World Entertainment games) in both quest system and gameplay. True, the game offers auto-route to almost any part of the game, making it easier for botters (there are like 4 lv 60 already, and of them are botters. Highest lv so far is 37), but it’s a questfest thing, so it’ll take a LOT of time to get some levels while grinding. Here are my first impressions, though I will write more than one entry to explain the game itself.U (more…)