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Ignore this meaningless post because I’ll be too lazy to delete it (yeah).



Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well yeah, I didn’t forget about the blog. Just that life was being harsh haha!

But yeah. I’m back to posting tech and nerdy stuff. About my PC build, some stuff has changed to the final thing, but still on the “edge”. I got a 550Ti back on december, I’ll try to replace it with either a couple of GTX 660 or a single GTX 660Ti (since it’s cheaper than the 670 and it’s “virtually” the same thing). Having a small debate between getting an i5 3570k OR get an i7 2600 I saw on offer for less than the 3570k price. But then again, the big question: Sacrifice overclock capabilities but get 4 hyperthreaded cores (8 “cores” total), or go with quad core and OC capabilites.

Still going with 8GB of RAM (1600, not gonna go grazy with anything beyond that speed) using a Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB kit, and my current dilema: I’m going for either Gigabyte, MSI or ASUS for my motherboard, but I’m still debating which one to get.

On the Gigabyte side, one of my options is the GA-Z77X-D3H, decent entry/mid level ATX motherboard, SLI support and a good color scheme (blue/black). On the other hand, for literally no price difference, is the G1.Sniper M3. For a m-ATX, you get an onboard Creative sound card with enough power to boost your headphones to their max, net stability (sadly, not the old BIGFOOT killer NIC they used to implement on the old X58 G1 motherboards), and the best SLI config for a m-ATX board: the 2nd GPU is not placed on the 3rd slot, but the 4th.

On the MSI side, the Z77A-G45. This could be useful for a single card config (660Ti). And on ASUS side, the P8Z77-V LX.

But well, time will tell which one will be the best one for my build.

Hello World! A new blog!

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay… Decided to create a blog just for the heck of it.

After watching other people comment, I though, “Why not writing a blog about your point of view of all that stuff?”.

Actually, it took me some time to organize the ideas I’d be using for the blog (gaming? tech? PC stuff? random yada yada?).

So, in the end, it’ll be a mash-up of the genres I currently like.

Probably the nickname Glocker/Glocker134/GLCKR/MusouXiang would ring a┬ábell (in case you’ve seen my characters though), but yes, that’s me. I’m a gamer and future-to-be civil engineer, right now on 3th/4th semester on the career and going forward.

I bet the “gamer” word woke up some interest (or maybe not). Which games I play? Since I’ve been “working” as a beta tester since the early days of Cabal, I’ve played few games out there, being on the beta tests and kind of level up until I get bored or another game gets my attention.

To name a few, I’ve played:

  • GunZ (both Intl. and ijji servers)
  • Rohan (few minutes actually)
  • Atlantica
  • Soldier Front (Special Forces)
  • Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.)
  • Cabal (beta tester whoo!)
  • Dream of Mirror Online (DoMO)
  • Last Chaos (few minutes as well)
  • Drift City
  • Shot Online (Golf sim. Very nice game, but I consider it a Pay2Win game)
  • Fiesta (It was promising, but the grindfest was horrible)
  • Secret of the Solstice (Same as RO: Grindfest)
  • Runes of Magic
  • Allods (before Gipat patch. After that, I quitted due to the major nerf. In fact, I just installed Allods to check Gipat and uninstalled 15 minutes later!)
  • Aika (yay for having an account since Flyff early days)
  • Rappelz
  • Corum
  • Cronous (aeria server, before the server was moved to neofun)
  • SMT: IMAGINE online (global server. Didn’t bothered with JP server)
  • Battle of the Immortals
  • Perfect World International
  • Jade Dynasty
  • Wolf Team
  • Maplestory (being there before 3rd job was released, yet I’ve never reached a 3rd class… Until I created my Dual Blade)
  • LOTRO (currently on hold until the next expansion)

And the list goes on…

I also consider myself a PC maniac, always trying to find a way for my PC to stay in “shape” with a proper budget (though I always accept suggestions). Right now, I’m planning to move from a Dual Core PC to an i7 setup I’ve been thinking for a while (though it’s not a 980X, but an 875K. Similar, but not the same).

Also, mobile phones are being part of my interests as well. Right now I own a HTC Touch Viva (aka HTC Opal) running the stock WinMo6.1. Unless I get a new phone (having a hard struggle deciding between Android and Windows Phone 7), I think I’ll have to “flash” my ROM to 6.5.

Well, I think that’d be enough to say for a simple “hello”, in blog terms. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hoping you stay for more.