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If you’ve been checking my blog, you probably had a look to the Falcon Northwest Mach V NVIDIA special edition PC, aka the $10k rig, featured in the GeForce LAN Party 6 in San Francisco.

Well, there are more news from Falcon Northwest. With the upcoming release of the new Intel chipset, the X79, and the new socket, LGA2011 (which is, in fact, the succesor of the old X58/LGA1366 platform), they’ll be adding more “mod” options to the Mach V.

Seriously. This year has been critical for most of Pay2Play games out there, since they’re adapting to the F2P systems, like the eastern MMO market.

We’ve seen games like Champions Online, DCUO, LOTRO, D&D, Age of Conan and City of Heroes, to name a few, that moved from the monthly subscription model to the Free to Play + Freemium one.

Sure, they have different models, like D&D, where you need to buy “dungeon packs” if you’re not a subscriber user, and like LOTRO, where you purchase region packs to unlock all the quests inside those maps.

Now, we have to add Lineage 2 to the Free2Play list. One of the oldest NCSoft games, next to Guild Wars (since the original Lineage servers were closed last june), will jump the subscription wall and enjoy freedom in the near future.

Portal 2 OST disc 2 now available!

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Internet
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It’s been a while since I wrote something, but lot of stuff has happened. Gonna try to get back on road starting today.

And just noticed that the Portal 2 OST disc 2 is now available for download, along with some Android (MP3)/iPhone ringtones as well. The OST continues the BGM compilation starting on GLaDOS final test chambers, the escape and the old Aperture Laboratories (including the combustible lemons. Not the speech. The background song).

No ETA for disc 3, but seems it’ll feature the escape from the underground facilities, Wheatley’s test chambers, that part where he (tries to) kill you, the final showdown, “Cara mia” and the credits song.

You can download both disc 1 and 2 from the Official Portal 2 OST website.

Portal 2 speedruns

Posted: June 12, 2011 in PC
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Portal 2. The sequel of one of the best inventions from Valve. One of the games that made most of people get The Orange Box (just for Portal… I’m one). A game so popular that Valve decided to give it for free on Steam when Portal 2 was officially announced (I got it… Again).

What makes Portal 2 so awesome? Apart from a very nice storyline, the CoOp mode (which I honestly don’t enjoy), and the ability to “think with portals” with a friend. Also, it has one of the most twisted and psychedelic techno soundtracks I’ve heard before (just a note guys, you can download the first of three OST discs for FREE on the Portal 2 website).

The game offers something around 3 hours of lineal gameplay (yes, it’s hella short, but it’s AWESOME), compared with the short 1 hour of the original one, filled with action, puzzles, comedy, sarcasm, betrayals and personality cores.

Sadly, the game lacks the Time Trial function you had on the original Portal, or the chance to play the game with advanced test chambers, apart from the CoOp challenges. Somewhat sad for some of the Portal fans out there.

So, how to do a speed run if there’s no tool for it? DIY! (more…)