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This image was more than enough to drive me crazy today.

Yes. I got selected to participate in the Tribes: Ascend Early Testing Program.

This is like a closed beta / open beta test.

Closed beta? You need an invitation (read as: a serial key) in order to participate. Open beta? All progress (character level, unlocks and purchases) will remain. There’ll be NO WIPE AT ALL.

As a plus, Hi-Rez will be offering a very limited offer on VIP status, just buying Tribes Gold and/or Boosters (no matter how much they cost, one purchase equals automatic VIP status).

Since there’s no NDA, be sure to check up later during the week (prolly during weekend) for some screenshots and overview about the beta!

So yeah, I’m getting dragged away from Maplestory and now testing Forsaken World’s final CBT, since I finally (and everyone who applied and didn’t apply(?)) got invited.

So far, the game reminds me a LOT of Jade Dynasty (I kinda miss my lv 102 non-ascended Vim) and Battle of the Immortals (yes, all of them are Perfect World Entertainment games) in both quest system and gameplay. True, the game offers auto-route to almost any part of the game, making it easier for botters (there are like 4 lv 60 already, and of them are botters. Highest lv so far is 37), but it’s a questfest thing, so it’ll take a LOT of time to get some levels while grinding. Here are my first impressions, though I will write more than one entry to explain the game itself.U (more…)