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Seriously. This year has been critical for most of Pay2Play games out there, since they’re adapting to the F2P systems, like the eastern MMO market.

We’ve seen games like Champions Online, DCUO, LOTRO, D&D, Age of Conan and City of Heroes, to name a few, that moved from the monthly subscription model to the Free to Play + Freemium one.

Sure, they have different models, like D&D, where you need to buy “dungeon packs” if you’re not a subscriber user, and like LOTRO, where you purchase region packs to unlock all the quests inside those maps.

Now, we have to add Lineage 2 to the Free2Play list. One of the oldest NCSoft games, next to Guild Wars (since the original Lineage servers were closed last june), will jump the subscription wall and enjoy freedom in the near future.