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Whelp, I just managed to beat the game, after some years when I had the chance to play it on PC. But now that I have a PS3, and a friend decided to lend me the game for a quick platinum run (still on it, 16 more trophies to go in order to unlock the platinum), I just said “why not?”.

After getting platinum on God of War 3 in just 10 days, I told a friend to lend me Dead Space for a quick run and get more trophies (forgot to make a post that day when I achieved my personal goal, 500 trophies in 100 days, including 7 platinum in total).

I already played Dead Space in 2009 on my old PC. It was a good game for PC, but almost impossible for me to play with headphones. The stress I had while playing with closed-style headphones, was way too much. I already knew what to expect, and was eager to know what happened to Isaac Clarke while he was trying to escape the now haunted USG Ishimura.