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Random rant before I start writing something: There’s a golden rule with Nexon when it’s about ETAs: NEVER trust them.

And yes. Age of Battle, the third update of Chaos has been activated. What does that mean? Now you craft shoulderpads because Gallant Emblems are available. Oh, and… PvP!


Yep. After “spamming” jewellery with my Mechanic, I finally reached lv 5. It kinda helps to have 9 character slots, where 3 of those came with the account and the other 6 were free gifts from Nexon!

I just had to use 2 more characters, my ooooold Assassin and my Dual Blade, one as a pure miner and the other as a refiner (so I could split the fatigue points), and send the processed materials to my Mechanic. Now I can focus on mining so I can get that new shiny, non-repairable pickaxe and my new backpack.

And from now on, please forgive me for the lack of pictures. I’ll update this entry as soon as I can get them.

Now I think I can explain a bit more about the Mobster energy drink (Monster anyone?). Nope, it’s not “unlimited” use. That means you can drink as many as you want in one day, but it’ll dissapear from your inventory after you drink it. Weird, since it’s untradeable, making it impossible to transfer between same account characters. Also, the face accesory item you get, is class-related (I got a Shiny Black Pirate Symbol), AND limited. I can only craft 10 of those before I forget the recipe. Apart that I need more lv to use it, I’d need more Jewellery experience to craft it, because my success rate is around 30%… I won’t be crafting it until I get 100% success rate.

I’ve noticed that the new rings (HP/MP, Swift, Agile, etc) won’t get hidden potential status after you craft them. But, you can still get rare/epic/unique stats on regular stuff, like earrings (got a 2% all stats and 2% INT crystal earrings during my random crafts). Belts do have a chance to obtain hidden potential stats, but it’s kinda hard.

Also, I moved to Ludibrium, to search for my Angelic Blessing recipe (which is dropped by Master Death Teddies). I haven’t bothered moving to Free Market and look for recipes. I bet Angelic Blessing will be expensive as heck, and I could use the extra EXP from MDT (been training on Vikings).

I’m kinda excited to check Age of Battle, since every shoulder recipe requires Gallant Emblems. Now, the good question is how will players react to PvP when it arrives this Wednesday. Until I reach lv 120, I’ll be trapped in the 2nd tier. But it’s a good thing, since most of my enemies will be lv 70-100! I just hope I don’t mess around overpowered Assassins or Dual Blades…

On the good side… Since this weekend, and including the next four, there’ll be double EXP from 5pm to 7pm PST (8pm to 10pm EST). Time to get 4th job!

Age of Artisans is now up. Ardentmill is filled with new crafters willing to buy or sell items, also smiths putting their extractors out so other players can get item crystals for their recipes.


And what most of us were waiting for: the real meaning of Chaos update: Crafting and traits! With Age of Heroes, some random items were implemented into the game, like recipes, random plants/mineral rocks on maps and Imps/item pots.

Nexon has posted the patch notes for the Age of Artisans v.99 update:

As we know, Chaos was released with the first of five updates: the Age of Heroes.

Yes, there’s a lot of talk about it, most of it is about the bugs that roamed freely when servers went online. (more…)

Wow. Barely 6 months since Big Bang was released on GMS, now we have Chaos (at least the Age of Heroes)! With this, we’re just one season away from KMS (Maplestory Jump!).

Chaos was another expected Maplestory update since Big Bang, because it includes new features like PvP (when I saw this I was like “Oh no… Not again…”. Let’s hope it won’t be like PvP on Megaten…), a whole new crafting system, personality traits, new maps, class balancing, …) (more…)

We’ve been enjoying Big Bang since it was announced on december and getting more hyped with every update since then (new exp curve, whole new race, new areas and improvements). Now it’s time to wreak some havoc and add a bit of “Chaos” on top of it.

Yes. Maplestory has announced the newest game update: Chaos . Funny to say, but as spadow said, GMS is rushing to be as close to KMS in terms of updates as possible.

Right now, Nexon is doing a poll to choose which name we’ll give to the new update. And by looking at the numbers, it’ll be the same thing that happened with Big Bang (I mean, seriously. Why don’t we call each update by their original name on every server?)